Porcelain Crowns
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Dental crowns offer unsurpassed protection for your teeth, when it is required. In cases where a root canal procedure is performed or the integrity of the tooth structure is in question, a dental crown offers adequate protection.

To place a crown, your dentist will normally restore the tooth via a build up and prepare the tooth by shaving enough of the structure to have the crown placed. It normally takes two visits for a crown to be placed. In the first visit, the tooth is prepared and an impression of the tooth is taken and sent to the laboratory for fabrication of a custom-fit crown. During the second visit, the fit of the crown is verified and the crown is cemented onto the tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns

These crowns are mainly used for pediatric dental procedures where a new tooth is expected to replace the affected baby tooth. Most times if the decay on a baby tooth is extensive enough to hit the nerve of the tooth, a pulpotomy (root canal for kids) is performed and a stainless steel crown would have to be placed on the tooth as protection. These crowns are normally done in one visit and are the same color as steel. As the adult teeth erupt the affected baby tooth, its crown is exfoliated, opening room for the adult tooth to come in.

As the name implies, these crowns are made of all porcelain. All porcelain crowns are considered cosmetic in nature and are used when esthetics are important. Most anterior (front) teeth are covered by all porcelain crowns when necessary. As the technology in dental material is improving, the strength of all porcelain crowns has improved as well and in some cases they can be used in posterior (back) teeth.

These crowns also called PFM (porcelain fused to metal) are the most common types of crowns. They are built from metal with a layer of porcelain on the outside for esthetics. PFMs offer an excellent protection for the posterior (back) teeth when necessary.

We will help you get the right crowns for your teeth. Your dentist will examine you and go over a treatment plan with you before starting any work. We also offer payment plans and options so you have lots of choices about how you pay for your services.

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