Dental Service Special Pricing

When you have a dental emergency, or haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it helps to know your potential options and costs associated with them. We are offering specials on your different services and have done our best to explain it all in a simple way.

When you have pain in your teeth or a dental emergency, you’ll come in to the office for one of the following services so we can figure out what is wrong with your teeth.

Exam and Basic X-Ray (up to two x-rays) – $45

If there are issues with a single tooth or a general area in your mouth, your dentist can take a couple of small x-rays to help diagnose the issue. This is a great starting point for the dentist to find out about the issues, diagnose the problem, and propose treatment options.


Exam and Panoramic X-Ray – $99

Sometimes a small x-ray is not enough for the dentist to make the correct diagnosis and a panoramic X-ray maybe recommended. The panoramic x-ray is more in-depth than your basic x-ray and can identify different issues with your teeth.

After your exam and x-rays, we will be able to propose a treatment. Here are the most common treatments we see after our initial exams:

Prescription or Referral Free (Included in Exam Fee)

Sometimes there may be too much infection, pain or other causes hindering the dentists ability to do any immediate work. In these cases your dentist may decide to prescribe needed medications/exercises before scheduling a date for treatment.

In some cases the needed treatment maybe beyond the scope of our dental office and your dentist may decide to issue you a referral to specialist.


Simple Fillings – $165-295

Sometimes a simple filling may take care of the problem. Depending on the size and location of the filling the costs may vary.


Baby Tooth Extraction – $175

This is mostly for children with baby teeth who need to have their teeth removed for various reasons.


Surgical Tooth Extraction – $275 – $450

Most extractions are not simple. This is because of the tooth location, the tissue around the tooth, the shape of the extraction, or other reasons that your dentist will identify. Your dentist will tell you the exact type and cost of the extraction before any procedure is done.


Root Canal – $895-$1095
Root canals can save teeth and that’s a good thing! We can complete most root canals in our offices. The price varies based on the location of the tooth in your mouth. Here is a general idea of the cost:

  • Front tooth – $895
  • Pre-molar tooth – $995
  • Molar – $1095

It’s important to note that after a root canal you may need a build up and a crown.

New patients will start out with one of the following packages:

Exam and 2 X-rays – $45

With an initial exam and a couple of small x-rays your dentist can propose a treatment plan that may be as simple as a basic cleaning and return in six months, or a more detailed treatment plan depending on your needs.


Exam and 2 X-rays plus Basic Cleaning/Polishing – $69

If you have been seeing a dentist regularly and have been on top of your oral hygiene, you can expect to have a simple cleaning and polishing of your teeth completed in the first visit.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, you may require a specialized cleaning, in addition to your exam, 2 x-rays and polishing. Your dentist may suggest specialized cleaning:

Full Mouth Debridement plus Polishing  – $165

This special type of cleaning normally involves removal thick layers of plaque or calculus from teeth. A full mouth debridement is normally followed by a basic polishing.

Learn more about Teeth Cleaning here.


Periodontal Cleaning plus Polishing – $195 per quadrant (quarter of mouth)

If you have not been to the dentist in a long time and are seeing bleeding in your gums, you may need a deep cleaning.  A procedure called Scaling and Root Planing will remove all the plaque and debris from beneath your gums. Scaling and root planing is normally followed with a basic cleaning.