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Modern dentures can help those who have lost teeth regain their smile. Or perhaps you want to find dentures that look more natural and are more comfortable to wear. When you make the decision to restore the look and function of your teeth, there are several important considerations to make.

Types of Dentures

We do a few different types of dentures at the Family Dental Center:

As the name implies this is when there are no teeth present and dentures are held in place via retention of the gums.

These dentures are used when only some teeth, not all, are missing. In these instances the dentures are anchored on the the existing teeth with clasps which helps keep them in place.

Flippers are typically used to replace one missing front tooth, where all the other teeth are still in place.

These are the dentures that are needed to replace a tooth that was just extracted, such as a broken front tooth, which can be replaced with an immediate denture to restore some of the aesthetics and function. Immediate dentures are temporary in nature and need to be replaced once the tissue has healed and ready for a complete denture.

These are the traditional dentures that are made from a combination of metal and resin that holds the dentures in place. Cast metal dentures are a little heavy and take time for most patients to adjust to feel and weight but since they are made of metal they last a long time.

Resin dentures are made of various resin material such as flexite. They are very light and much more comfortable and visually pleasing (no metal clasps showing) compared to traditional dentures. However they are more fragile and need more care.

You’ll probably have to change your eating habits if you if you have full dentures, but at the same time dentures are becoming more and more sophisticated and can now be indistinguishable from natural teeth. A quality set of dentures will last for years. Keep in mind that dentures now are so well fabricated that often denture wearers who have been suffering from dental problems for years begin to eat better and speak more clearly after they begin wearing newer dentures. Be prepared to consult your dentist regularly to ensure that your dentures are functioning at 100 percent.

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