Dental Bridges

With two locations in Gaithersburg and Wheaton, the Family Dental Center’s goal is to improve the wellbeing of our patients with state- of- the- art dental procedures and talented doctors. One way to improve missing or broken teeth is to use dental bridges. Dental bridges fall under cosmetic procedures as they improve the look of your smile. Dental bridges are permanent dental implants for missing or broken teeth. Although dental bridges are considered cosmetic, they are made to improve tooth alignment and basic functionality such as chewing.

Typically, bridges are crowns that attach artificial teeth where there are gaps in between natural teeth. Bridges are secured with a type of dental cement that is long lasting. In other words, bridges are permanent tooth replacements. Another type of dental bridge is a cantilever dental bridge, which is used for patients who have teeth on only one side of their mouth.

There is an assortment of material to use for a dental bridge. The type of dental bridge material to use will depend on your budget and personal taste. The most popular material to use for dental bridges are porcelain and ceramic, which create a natural look and can be matched to the natural color of your teeth. Other materials for dental bridges include alloys and gold.

A resin bonded bridge, also known as a Maryland Bonded Bridge, is a type of dental bridge procedure that involves cementing a metal composite with resin and supported by a metal framework. Resin bonded bridges are relatively inexpensive compared to other tooth replacements. Plus, it is more comfortable for patients and does not damage the surrounding teeth.

Accidents happen. If you experience an issue with your dental bridge, we offer weekend emergency dental bridge repair, whether you are a patient or not. We believe that everyone should receive special dental care and we understand that other dentists may not be open at certain times. If you are concerned about your dental bridge, contact us now!

Book an appointment for a dental bridge consultation. During your consultation, your dentist will do a thorough exam of your teeth to determine which dental bridge material and procedure is best for you.

The Initial Dental Bridge Visit

The teeth that will anchor your bridge will be reshaped to fit a crown. Following that, a mold of your teeth will be taken so that the dental laboratory can personalize the crown and bridge to the shape of your teeth. You will have a temporary bridge to wear while the permanent bridge and crown are being processed.

The Follow-up Dental Bridge Visit

During your second appointment, we will fit your permanent bridge and crown. To ensure a comfortable fit that is also functional for chewing and oral health, you may be required to have additional follow ups. This depends on your oral health and other factors that could impact the fit of your dental bridge.

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