Guide to Your First Dental Appointment

We want your first visit to the Family Dental Centers to be a great experience for you. Here are some pointers for making the most of your family visit!

What to expect for your first dental appointment

  1. Get address information and directions to the office of your choice to make your trip here stress-free.
  2. For your convenience, you may print and complete all of the necessary forms before making your first visit.
  3. A complete dental exam with x-rays will be completed on your first visit.
  4. A complete treatment plan will be presented to you with different treatment options.
  5. A dental hygienist will clean your teeth at your first visit and may apply topical fluoride or sealants.
  6. You will have the option to schedule your next visit with us, before you leave.

Thank you so much for choosing the Family Dental Centers!